• I think this product is the best upgrade available. I have spent...on speaker wire and interconnects... but this "Essence of Music" product is the best 'Bang for the Buck' out there period... almost bridges the gap between digital and analog and the best $150 you can spend. –Luc D., Burlington, Washington

  • On my server, with elaborate error correction in ripping to the raid system, I hear very great improvement in recordings with Essence treatment versus those without... I really don't understand how this might be. –Norm L., College Station, Texas

  • The improvement was so immediately convincing that I don't see any need to make any further investment to enjoy the music again. –Bengt Å., Norway

  • The music is more natural and detailed. Both transparency and resolution has improved. A level of distortion has been eliminated… [The] new Star Trek Blu-ray movie is more captivating and entertaining…–Michael G - Overland Park, Kansas

  • In every case, no matter the genre of music, no matter the recording, the sound is vastly superior… it carries the force sonically of a major component upgrade…–Doug S - Greendale, Wisconsin

  • Your product makes the music more believable, natural and dare I say (as a mfg of digital products) more analogue like. Specifically, image density is greater, focus is improved, there is greater three dimensionality, with a heightened sense of dynamic contrast and clarity. The analogy I will invoke is looking through a rangefinder camera just before and after the focus "snaps in place". Simply stated your product heightens my emotional response to my favorite music.–Rick B - Carlsbad, California

  • What a huge difference Essence of Music has made …a blacker background …imaging is more holographic. Vocals are very natural. Dynamic sections of the music are much better defined… very quiet sections are more delicate. –John P - Richardson, Texas

  • I used the spray per the instructions, then ripped the CD to my music server. I first listened to the 'normal' version of two of my favorite songs…, then listened to the 'treated' version. WOW! …more detail (comes as a result of a quieter background); more of feeling of the recorded space… the ability to more easily follow individual instruments and their natural decay, a better illusion of depth… you've hit a HOME RUN with Essence of Music.–Van W - Colleyville, Texas

  • …I could clearly hear the difference. Everything is much cleaner, fuller, and more dimensional sounding… the vocals are more natural sounding… the piano has the proper intonation. …Essence of Music is clearly well worth the asking price …it offers improvements similar to an amplifier upgrade.–Michael G - Overland Park, Kansas

  • A very significant (not subtle) improvement in sound, with better articulation and fuller and more natural sounding instruments and vocals… Piano especially sounds more beautiful.–Dave C - Albuquerque, New Mexico

  • …such a an improvement in CD playback that the nominal analog performance from a good turntable is strikingly similar! It simply brings CD playback so close now… [I] can sit back and put on a CD and get lost in the Music!– Ken S - Wilmington, Delaware

  • OK, I tried this thinking it was utter bullshit. I'm 5 CDs into this and the results range from subtle on "Bebo & Cigalia" to mind blowing Wynton Marsalis "Live at House of Tribes". I'm stunned!–Mark Z - Seattle, Washington

  • The more I compare Essence of Music CD treatment [to similar products that I own] and the more I listen, THE MORE I LIKE IT! A big improvement in sound including more of everything - more volume, lower tighter bass, more liquid, more "analogue", more detailed interplay between instruments and vocals, more dynamics, more listening enjoyment… Essence of Music really enhances the 'essence' of music to a whole new level.–Dave D - Austin, Texas

Industry Reviews

The treated disc consistently gave me increased resolution, an increased sense of presence and an increased fullness to the sound of instruments…the soundstage…seems deeper and more precise… I could clearly hear with every CD an improvement with the Essence of Music treatment.  This is a great product and I know of no higher recommendation than to say I treated my CDs with it.”  Jack Roberts  –  Dagogo.com,   November 24, 2014 (http://dagogo.com/essence-music-cd-treatment-review)

“…we are not dealing with a simple refinement, we are in the presence of a solution of huge impact in terms of effectiveness.  Listening to the untreated copy of Anime Salve, BMG Ricordi, 1996 by Fabrizio De Andrè was satisfying, it is a well recorded masterpiece.  So I thought.  The Essence of Music treated copy literally annihilated the first. …the former was dull and lifeless (when) compared to post-treatment.”  Giuseppe Trotto  –  ReMusic.it,  November 14, 2014 (http://www.remusic.it/EN/Essence-of-Music-CD-treatment-18ddb400)

“The effects of applying the Essence of Music to the playing surface of 6 CD’s… include increased resolution, increased dynamic range, greater depth, an increase in fullness in the sound of instruments, and changes in instrument texture…”   Roy Harris  –  Audiophilia,  August 28, 2014 (http://www.audiophilia.com/wp/?p=14633)

“There was no contest between treated and untreated CDs. The Essence treatment lent detail, dynamics, and a very impressive sense of presence to the sound… the treated CDs when ripped to the raid sound much better than do the initial rip. I must admit that since the initial rip was (bit) perfect, I cannot understand how the new rip could be any better, but it is…”   Norm Luttbeg  –  Stereo Times,  Apr 20, 2014 (http://www.stereotimes.com/post/exemplar-expo-t105-digital-player/)

“My preferred cleaning solution is called Essence of Music; it always maximizes the readability of the CD, and sounds great, too. Feel free to use your favorite cleaning product, but it’s important to clean any CD, even a brand new one, before ripping it.”   Vade Forrester  –  The Absolute Sound, May 9, 2014 (http://www.theabsolutesound.com/articles/dbpoweramp-cd-ripper/)

“I tried this on a few of my favourite discs.  This product has a significant effect on sonics.  In summary, there is an increase in clarity, low level resolution, and improvement in body and tonal density.  Music ends up being delivered with a musical fluidity that is at the same time effortless and resolving.  I greatly preferred my discs post treatment.”    Eric’s HiFi Blog – Singapore,  May 17, 2014 (http://singaporehifi.blogspot.com/2014/05/essence-of-music-two-step-cd-cleaner.html)

“… I had already heard the improvement that this nano-coating technology gives in my system as well as another, but I again heard more sense of the recording environment, such as reverberations off the studio wall. decay of notes, and noises of the performers.  The soundstage improved enormously and the timbre of the instruments was right on.”   Norm Luttbeg  –  Stereo Times,  CES 2014 Show Report (http://stereotimes.com/post/ces-2014-staff-report/)