The following is an excerpt from the Stereo Times website, here.

CES14EssenceEssence of Music shared a room with Clarity Cable at THE Show and did demonstrations of this two-step cleaner. Which as they say “improves your player’s ability to read the disc by penetrating, renewing, and visibly improving the polycarbonate surface.” I had already heard the improvement that this nano-coating technology gives in my system as well as another, but I again heard more sense of the recording environment, such as reverberations off the studio wall, decay of notes, and noises of the performers. The soundstage improved enormously and the timbre of the instruments was right on. I have purchased quite a few SHM (Super High Materials) discs from Japan and always notice just these improvements with them. What the discs do is to use the plastic from LCD screens on TVs. This kit will allow improving 400 discs. To get all SHM discs would cost me at least $1200. This kit might be a major savings for me. But alas, after this thought, I cleaned one of my SHM cds and found it too was much improved.

Treatment is to spray on step one and rubbing it around the playing surface thoroughly. Step two is spraying on step two and allowing it to emulsify the first step and then rubbed off with the provided microfiber cloths. The final step is to again spray on the second spray and rub it off using another large provided cloth.

I have about 700 albums on my music server with probably half from ripped cds. I have started redoing these with Essence of Music treated source cds. I am not happy about this but, if I want the greater realism, it is necessary. I have already reripped some twenty cds and sacds and kept the originals for comparison. I will stop doing this as I always hear a substantial improvement.